B. Layla Duffy // Voiceover Artist

[email protected]

Voice Actress in Animation, Video Games, Audiobooks, Commercials, Comics, & VNs!


Bachelor of Fine Arts // Photography

Recording Setup

Home Studio:
- Rode NT1-A
- Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen 3
- SourceConnect
- Zoom
(Available to travel for in-studio recordings by request.)


Layla is a biracial (Black/Irish) voice actress based in South Florida. She is passionate about breathing life into animations, video games, visual novels, web series, audiobooks, & other voice projects with broadcast quality sound.When she’s not in her booth, she can be found reading tarot cards with her 3 cat familiars.Rate:
For smaller projects: $3 per line // $4 if line has strenuous emotes
Long term rate: $250 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for live sessions.

VO Resume

Arche // Rune of Power // Videogame // (2023)