Empress Layla // Voice Actress

[email protected]

Voice Actress in Animation, Video Games, Audiobooks, Commercials, Comics, & VNs!


Contact: Jasmine Greene // [email protected]


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Recording Setup

- Rode NT1-A
- Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd - Generation
Environment: Acoustic sound treated home studioSupports:
- SourceConnect
- Zoom
- Discord


Layla is a Black voice actress, model, & spiritualist based in South Florida. She is passionate about breathing life into character work from animation, video games, visual novels, web series, audiobooks, & other voice projects with broadcast quality sound. When she isn’t on the mic, she can be found engaging with Tarot cards & her 3 cats.Layla’s voice lives in the mid-low roster & can range from high pitched youth to middle aged adults.She is currently represented by The Jackson Agency internationally & is available for in-studio recordings by request.Rate:
$3 per line .30 per word/emote
Videogames: $75/h 2h minimum

VO Resume

Pharah Neith // Project Icarus // Video Game

Moonah Lovebright // Sonic Villians // Fan Animation // 2022

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